A complete public outreach and stakeholder management solution.

EngagEnterprise is a complete Public Outreach and Stakeholder Management system. Simple web-based software that helps manage the relationship between your project and its many stakeholders. It’s your 24/7 conference room, plugged in and ready for you to access timely stakeholder data, inquiries, contacts and events – you name it, EngagEnterprise delivers it.


Complete Stakeholder Management

Efficiently manage stakeholder information. Delivering a threaded history of inquiries, contacts and follow-ups, this user-friendly feature offers an up-to-date stakeholder record and retrieval system.


Track every inquiry that comes in from a stakeholder.


Track every contact you make with a stakeholder


Keep the team informed of upcoming events. Easily manage events to keep the team on the same page.

Stakeholder Tags

EngagEnterprise allows to you tag stakeholders with whatever meta data is important to you.


Efficient, effective, easy. With minimal data input, this tool will save valuable resources to locate and retrieve information from anywhere on the site.

Admin Tools

The system provides tools that allow you to manage certain aspects of the system.

Fully Customizable

We don’t believe in one-size-fits all software. Simply define your requirements and we’ll implement to your specifications.

Reporting Center

The reporting center allows you to create reports and export them to MS Excel.

Google Maps

The system pinpoints your stakeholders location and provides an overview of all stakeholders in a certain state.

FAQ Manager

Create FAQ’s for your project team and also for the public (EngagExternal PRO required). Keep everybody updated with the common questions about your project.

Asset Library

Forget piles of paper to sort. Offering a simple and efficient way to file, retrieve and track important project assets.