EngagExternal PRO

An integrated public information website

Completely separate from your stakeholder management site, EngagExternal Pro is like having your own 24/7 public information officer. You control the content and the public gets the information they need regarding your project.


Integrated with EngagEnterprise

EngagExternal PRO is integrated with EngagEnterprise. All public comments collected via EngagExternal PRO can be tagged to stakeholders in EngagEnterprise. Post news, calendar and documents from EngagEnterprise and have them posted to EngagExternal PRO.

Virtual Open House

Have you ever had a stakeholder that could not attend your public meeting? Those days are over, our Virtual Open House allows you to post documents, maps, video and other assets. Stakeholder can access these resources anytime after your meeting.

Social Media Integration

Integrate Twitter and Facebook feeds into EngagExternal PRO to help get out the message.

Project News

Post all your project news to EngagExternal PRO and keep all stakeholders updated.

Project Documents

Upload all project documents to EngagExternal PRO. Stakeholders can easily access all project documents.

Collect Public Comments

EngagExternal PRO allows you to capture public comments about your project.

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