Engage Enterprise is Setting a New Standard for Stakeholder Management.

A tracking and management tool to effectively manage everyone’s interests and expectations

This is a streamlined web solution for stakeholder management that gives you complete insight without compromise. Now you can really come to understand all the complexities that exist when different stakeholders have to work together. More importantly, you will be able to do something about it. By accessing stakeholder data, events, and contacts, you can monitor how your stakeholders are doing and where to intervene. This means more productive work and improved performance across the board!

Find Out More About Engage Enterprise’s Fantastic Features!

  • Complete Stakeholder Management

    With a threaded history of contacts, inquiries, follow-ups, and contacts, you have a stakeholder record in real time, giving you all the information you need to convincingly engage your stakeholders.

  • Inquiry Management

    Now you’ll know the moment there’s a request or query from a stakeholder.

  • Contact Information

    Retrieve and manage all your stakeholder contacts. manage all your stakeholder contacts.

  • Follow Up Fast

    You can resolve contacts and inquiries and make sure stakeholders are being managed successfully.

  • Central Calendar

    Everyone will be aware of the latest events with this shared feature.

  • Search Functionally

    Find all of the information you need about stakeholders with minimal data input.

  • Reporting Tool

    Now you can generate reports regarding your management of stakeholders.

  • Dashboard Visibility

    With our intuitive dashboards, you have site of everything that is going on with your stakeholders.

  • Google Map Integration

    Gain full view of your stakeholders and their events on Google Maps.

  • Get Help

    Throughout the site, users can seek assistance and access a quick reference guide for every page.

  • Stakeholder interactions

    You can view a visual timeline tracking all your engagements with a stakeholder.

  • FAQ Section

    It’s worth integrating frequently asked questions to make sure you are providing a consistent message to your stakeholders.

  • Quick Add Option

    This feature will enable you to rapidly input stakeholders, contacts, and inquiries.

  • Meetings Function

    Keep track of all your meetings with stakeholders whether one-on-one or in groups.

  • Social Media

    Follow a stakeholder’s Twitter feed and Facebook page to monitor negative comments.